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NightShiftNurseGuide is an article written on October 24, 2019 about the added pressures of night shift nursing, posted on the Advent Health University website out of Orlando, Florida, USA, which is a health care school website that also has a slew of newer articles and information for all medical positions and related fields. They contacted me over a year ago about adding this article to my resource reviews and i am finally getting to it now, for which i sincerely apologize on the delay. The article and entire website has very helpful information, even more so currently relevant for ALL MEDICAL STAFF on a global scale due to Covid and its many relatives (variants). It would be especially helpful for front line staff/workers in the fight against the covid flu to help protect or reduce burn out, relieve or prevent mental and physical health issues from working varied shifts, and much more. I have medical training and used to work in a hospital and many doctors' offices, and as a patient at times myself also; I can vouch that these are accurate, excellent tips and methods for everyone to help themselves to be able to keep on working, to help YOU too!

Secret Flying is an awesome site I found recently that posts error fares and some of the best deals I have ever seen such as US cities to EU cities for $69 US one way! Another unbelievable deal was a 5-star resort at a tropical destination for $16 US/night if you stayed 30 nights or more! There are US and Canadian sites, and other country specific sites I am sure; but the best way to keep updated on these deals is to link to them via Facebook and/or Twitter. Read all info in the offers as sometimes the deal is already expired by the time you see it due to so many bookings that the company corrects the mistake or even possibly cancels the flight altogether! I have even seen 100% off all flights and hotels as a HUGE error fare! They also have these great offers for cruises and hotels as well.

Skyscanner is an excellent global travel meta search engine that finds the best deals quickly for flights, hotels and car rentals no matter where you want to go! An excellent and easy to use site (based in Europe) with the most current deals including lesser known airlines and companies along-side the usual ones. I usually use this one first and remember to check which currency you are looking at as the Euro is the default so it may seem very expensive or very cheap; depending on where you are located! I have found some excellent last minute flight seat sales on here a few times already!

TripAdvisor is a fabulous site that offers millions of up to date reviews with terrific tips from those who traveled before you and are 'in the know' on all things travel in almost every part of the world. You can now view deals on airline tickets and other services; and clicking on the deal will take you to the specific booking/payment site, so this site applies to many categories! Reviews are listed by category (hotel/food/airline/etc), by city/country, a star rating as well as real life reviews by people who have used those places-both good and bad (like me)! Keep an eye on the date of the review as some are very old and things may have changed since then. As with all things, some peoples’ opinion of a place/service may not be in line with your experience or another persons views, so read all reviews to give you a better idea of whether a place is worth checking out or not. This is a free website and does not pay for reviews so they are usually honest, no-nonsense tips from previous guests at the hotel/restaurant/activity/etc that you are thinking of trying but again; find out ahead of time by calling the hotel, restaurant, activity, airline, etc to confirm the basics that matter to YOU before booking so you are not disappointed! Too many times I have relied on ads, pictures, or reviews from numerous other websites, search engines, even social media pages; but the majority were NOT even remotely accurate compared to the reality of how things really were when I got there! Unfortunately these days most things are not refundable, especially when paid online ahead of time, so read ALL the fine print and if in doubt in any way give the actual company a call, then give yourself the 'I AM REALLY DOING THIS' excitement by boldly committing to YOUR dream trip and booking the transportation or accommodation part for wherever you want to go, and build the rest of your trip around that! My personal TripAdvisor Profile page has my real reviews, both good and bad!

VisionCenter.org is a website out of Austin, Texas, USA, with tons of useful and accurate information about all things to do with eye issues, tests, symptoms, and especially all you need to know regarding surgeries or alternative vision correction options. All content on the site is researched, written, and edited by licensed optometrists, experienced journalists, and other medical writers in the industry, that allows you to make your own informed decisions about your sight! I have not used their site personally, but I used to work for an eye surgeon, several ophthalmologists and all other specialties you can imagine, doing medical transcription of doctor's chart notes, procedures and/or letters made about vision assessments, treatments, surgeries, and all related medical issues, for a few years and in 2 different provinces in Canada. I read the entire website about a month ago, as my mom has had several eye surgeries over the years and my youngest was born with crossed eyes due to a lazy muscle behind the eye that was corrected when he was only about a year and a half old. I fully believe and will confirm that all the information provided is relevant, current and accurate in relation to our vision and how to protect, enhance and/or correct it; and I have told a few friends about it already who have eye problems and heard they found it quite useful. It is in easy to understand terms and is geared for everyone, not just medically trained people. *UPDATE AS OF MARCH/23: This website had so many requests for information on LASIK EYE SURGERY that they had their site updated and medically reviewed and approved and I am pleased to provide the 2 links to their newest additions in the world of YOUR VISION and all that matters to you! I took the time to read both pages completely and as stated above, I used to work for an eye surgeon, and I believe this information is accurate also. The detailed information on LASIK eye surgery including $USD pricing and contact information for more LASIK Surgery information is on their page here: https://visioncenter/org/lasik/ ; and more detailed information on the possible complications and risks of this type of procedure is found here: https://visioncenter.org/resources/lasik-risks.

Walmart is a massive chain of stores is worldwide and has the best selection for all things food, clothing, household, electronics, health, furniture, office and paper supplies and more with the perfect blend of high quality, affordable prices and great customer service both in store and on their website! Shop their US or Canadian country-specific websites depending on where you live, and get delivery to your door in only a few days! Avoid all the hassles of parking, carts, coupons, kids; or even skip waiting on a delivery person by having your order shipped to your nearest Walmart store for free drive-through type pickup! I grew up with the stores across Canada but loved the Walmart stores I found in my travels to Mexico, the US, Costa Rica (under different store names but still part of the Walmart company) with my favorite products regardless of where I am in the world! The free monthly magazine available in stores and online, but only in Canada it seems (pity! lol); has tons of tips (similar to my site and eBook info) with new products, info and updates for ways to save money, stress less and get more of life while learning to eat better with some great recipes as well as a few coupons and Updates on all things household and life itself.

WhatsApp is a FREE messenger app to use over Wi-Fi for calls, texts, voice messages, pics and videos worldwide between cell and landlines. It is also available for your computer, both for PC and MAC! It is quick to setup, easy to use, can be linked to your current phone number or you can get a new number just for this and numbers can be changed easily within the program as well. Just be sure the data is turned off if you are going to use it for calls so that you are not using minutes from your plan if the Wi-Fi cuts out and your device switches automatically to data usage! This can be controlled in the WhatsApp setting section as well as who sees what about you and if you want the app to have access to your contacts, calendar, photos, etc. It is owned by Facebook and as with ALL internet sites, be sure to carefully and completely READ the Terms and Conditions and Privacy sections BEFORE you click Agree so you are aware of all the exceptions to the rules, etc. I love it and still keep in FREE contact with many people I have met along the 13+ month worldwide journey I took as it works great regardless of location! If you do run exclusively on data only for your phone like many usually do as some cell plans offer more Gigs than even needed, then consider turning off cellular use for this and all other apps/programs that run in the background to save not only battery but unnecessary downloading of notifications which conserves your data allowance as well, unless and until you need that app. Much like only plugging in the microwave or toaster when you use it and unplugging after to save electricity! This is found in your device settings usually under Data Usage, Cellular or even in the Privacy settings.

WHOIS/ICANN is a free service that tells you all you want/need to know about a website, and this applies to every website in the entire world just fyi! It lists the name, address, phone, email and more of the person who registered/created the domain//URL/site as well as date of creation, amendments, location, and contact info to make changes or complaints about sites. It can save you some money, time and frustration if you are unsure of a website's authenticity or to make sure it is not a scammer site in other words, by simply entering the website URL address into their search bar and reading for yourself the 'where, when, by who and how to reach them' answers about that site's actual history. I have found some sites that are registered by a domain company and after tracing one site back through 3-4 different parent owners, it turns out to be nowhere near what it claims!

Workaway is a great site that allows hosts (people looking for help) to post free ads about the type of work they need help with and what they offer in exchange. Generally, work time is 4-6 hours a day, 4-6 days a week but each posting is as different as the type of accommodations and amenities offered in exchange. It is worldwide so you can go down the street in your hometown or to the other side of the world, the choice is yours! It is free to read the host ads worldwide without signing up, but if you want to contact any of them it is $29.00 US for a yearly membership. This is really a great deal when you realize that this program enables you to stay and even eat for free around the world while meeting some great people and having some awesome times that wouldn’t happen if you were paying for a hotel somewhere on your own instead. I used this site numerous times and had good experiences for the most part but as with everything in life; you have to look really hard for the silver lining sometimes and not let the rest drag you down regardless! A rough outline of a backup plan is never a bad idea either no matter what you are talking about!