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Business/Marketing/Online Presence:

Globalize YOURSELF! DIY Online Presence with $10 in 3 Days

Do you want a website? Social media 'persona'? Marketing and advertising for anything? The whole 'package'; without the cost, pit stains, hair loss or painkillers? A step-by-step 'how-to' with tons of tips and examples for setup, launch and onward; that works 'as advertised'! FYI, I think I'm pretty funny; so if you need to pee...before is better! Are YOU ready to tell the world 'where to go' ?!

Finance/Personal Budgeting:

Money2Eat4Life, Live/Eat/Feel Better, For FREE, Right NOW

A guide to budgeting YOUR money, food, time, no matter where you are or what your current situation! Includes split cheque budget, meal planner and shopping list examples, as well as easy and immediate tips to live/eat/feel YOUR version of 'better' right NOW! A short easy to understand template (of sorts) with hundreds of tips/shortcuts and ways to save in all things money/food/effort/time and more! A FREE READ in 103 languages is HERE on the site; or download a FREE copy from any retailer worldwide ($0.99 cents on Amazon).


FAVORITE CHRISTMAS TREATS, Make-Ahead Eats to Gift or Keep

Taste the love in these quick, easy, cheap, delicious foods that work for every 'day'; with detailed instructions; learn to make DIY 'gift treat tins'; and plan for next year now too, so that ALL your holidays will be Pre-Made, Pre-Wrapped and Pre-PAID to boot!


Cookbook of all my actual everyday recipes; with shortcuts to modify any meal for YOUR likes/needs/wants! Includes recipes, shopping/cooking/serving/storage tips, household and cleaning time savers, measure conversion chart and more.


WORLDWIDE Dirt Cheap Travel Tips

COSTA RICA Dirt Cheap Travel Tips

MEXICO Dirt Cheap Travel Tips

Budget Travel Guides that show you how to go from dreaming in the snow/office/traffic to swimming in the Caribbean/drinking coffee in Amsterdam/eating poutine in Canada; all while surviving the mandatory half marathon/exercise factories we call airports--without winning the lottery or saving for years first! Gorgeous pictures included!

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