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Health and Pain Hints

Excellent free/cheap and natural ways to:

A. Stop Mosquito Bite/Rash Itching in Minutes

B. Instant Hiccup Cure

C. Heal Headaches in a Hurry

D. End and Prevent Muscle Cramping

E. Relieve Aching Feet

A. Stop Mosquito Bite and Rash Itching in Minutes

When I first got to Costa Rica, you could hear the mosquitoes cheering -- LUNCH! I was more bites than bare skin within 24 hours and that was in spite of repeated Musk-oil DEET spray applications, which are supposed to be sweat resistant. Yes okay, I admit that when home in Canada, the product works pretty well, but sweating out more fluids than my body even contains in the tropics had me spending more time applying spray than anything! Since I couldn't successfully prevent the bites in time, after care became the issue as I was scratching so bad the bites were bleeding at one point. I swear the mosquitos are on steroids in some countries, as big as dragonflies in Northern Canada, and their bite is considerably more irritating than their bark! lol

Solution: Tiger Balm

-It works awesomely and within minutes to stop aches and pains from arthritis, sprains, muscle cramping (tried and true here let me assure you) and more.

-A tip from a couple from Germany that I met in Costa Rica told me it also works to stop the itching from most insect bites within minutes--and they were totally right!

-Rub on a small amount carefully as you don’t want to open up the bite with vigorous rubbing or I can guarantee it will not only take your mind off the itch, as it will sting like a bee instead.

-It has worked for the reaction itching due to eating foods I am very intolerant too like gluten and dairy a few times and is cheapest (once again) at Walmart.

B. An Instant Hiccup Cure

Thanks to a family member who gave me a tip to stop hiccups in their tracks almost immediately! I don’t get hiccups very often so I haven’t had the need to try it out yet. I have advised a few people of this simple tip who were in the middle of irritating bouts that were making them crazy (never mind those who listened sympathetically) and the hiccups stopped within minutes of each time!

Solution: Oranges

-Eat a slice or section of a plain, ordinary navel orange.

-I don’t know if the mandarin or other kinds work at all never mind as well so stick with navel until you know for yourself.

-I apologize for not understanding the science here either--but 'if it ain’t broke--don’t fix it'! Lol

C. Heal Headaches in a Hurry

I used to get horrible migraines from various sources such as eating MSG, red wine (tannins), eating soy/yeast/gluten/dairy, drinking too much alcohol, being constipated, etc. I have searched high and low for quick, cheap natural ways to combat this issue that has plagued everyone at some time in their lives!

For me, cutting out those foods and using the solutions below worked wonders both for immediate relief and in the long run to prevent them as well.


1) Rinse a face cloth or towel under cold water, wring it out almost all the way so it doesn’t drip and lay it across your forehead while lying down for 10 minutes. You can cover the top half of your face down over the bridge of your nose too, but keep your nostrils out in the air so you are not breathing wet air-which is 'a-whole-nother level' of problems you do not want to know about!

-It is refreshing, helps to reduce the blood flow and cools you down.

2) Using the same method, put a cold cloth/towel around the back of your neck and across your shoulders while laying down or leaning back in a comfy position for 10 minutes.

-Again, it helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of blood vessels, muscles, etc which reduces the pain.

3) Use the nausea tips on the 'Tummy Trouble Tips' Update page as nausea usually goes hand in hand with headaches.

-They can be caused by constipation as well, so consider when the last time you had a good bathroom break was and follow the tips for that section if necessary!

4) Go for a walk in cool air (as soon as you can tolerate light) as the cool air refreshes and the mild exercise of walking helps to flood your body with oxygen and circulate the blood flow.

5) Rub a small amount of tiger balm on your temples, the back of your neck and across your shoulders.

-I use the extra strength and NON-staining variety at $4-$7 US equivalent for the small jar. This varies greatly so load up from the major box discount/grocery store pharmacy section as opposed to a pharmacy.

-I carry one on me and have one by the bed for muscle cramping at night too, but there are also larger disc type containers that cost double but have almost 3 times as much as the small ones.

D. End and Prevent Muscle Cramping

As someone who has Muscular Dystrophy, I have learned how to keep moving in spite of everything. I take steps to eat properly, get a great sleep--every night, and stay very active in addition to a positive outlook toward life regardless of how hard I have to look to find that silver lining. Even when it’s only the size of a tooth filling, it is worth finding as it provides the strength and faith to carry on regardless of everything!

I also know what severe muscle cramping in my feet, legs and hands feels like and I am always looking for ways to prevent or stop the pain so if you have any sure fire ways, please send them to me via the contact page on my website.


1) Tiger Balm works almost instantly to soothe the cramps in most muscles - do wash your hands well after though as it can sting your eyes, etc if you are not used to it!

-Rub a small amount gently on the affected muscle area for a few minutes to work it in and then cover the area so it stays warm (if it is your feet use socks, your legs-wear pants, etc).

-It will stop the pain usually for about 4-6 hours, just like a medication but it has no negative effects other than the smell! Lmao

-To get the smell off your hands and body:

-Mix a teaspoon of baking soda into your usual amount of hand soap and wash your hands with this to take away this and all kinds of smells from your hands, before washing them as usual.

-Alternatively, you can use about 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice and rub that over your hands, rinse, and then wash as usual.

-Use cool/cold water to wash your hands when trying to remove smells as it will help to prevent the oils from the smelly items from soaking into your skin even more.

2) Pickle juice! Seriously, my sister told me about this and it works within minutes during an acute attack of muscle cramping to break up the lactic acid in the muscles. I find it works great for my feet and leg cramping, which is usually at night or once I take the weight off my legs/feet by sitting or lying down. I note cramping especially if I haven’t gotten enough protein during the last 24 hours-which proves that your diet plays a major role in maintaining your health in a myriad of areas.

-I use the garlic dill pickles, which are also great for you and known as a 'free food' health wise in that they have no real caloric content or bad ingredients.

During a cramp: drink about 1/2 cup of the juice from the pickles and THEN gently rub the tiger balm on the affected muscle that is cramping and try not to freak out too much as it will pass faster if you remain calm too.

-I once woke up to a muscle cramp that ran from the tip of my big toe all the way up the inside of my foot and up the inside of my leg right to my groin! I thought I was going to pass out as I limped as fast as possible to the kitchen, rubbing tiger balm all down my leg and foot. Then I realized I had no open pickles in the fridge and had to grab a large 1.5-liter glass jar from a lower cupboard and open it in order to get the juice.

-Picture someone half-pumping one leg up and down in a semi-crouched position trying to stand up straight and stretch out the cramp; trying not to cry, scream or swear loud enough for the police to arrive at the door for making noise; and trying to concentrate long enough to open a glass pickle jar; with hands coated in tiger balm! Lmao :)! omG...it would have been hilarious and won funniest home video had it not been me experiencing the pain!

3) Walk it off!

-Putting pressure on your feet, standing up, walking around, stretching out your back or hands--all gently but steadily until the cramp subsides, will help to end the cramping much faster than just rubbing the affected area.

4) For prevention: Eat 3-4 pickles a day and drink some of the juice (pour about 1/2 cup - 125 ml - into a glass and drink it).

-You get used to the taste pretty fast, especially when you are almost dancing and screaming at the same time while your calves or toes are trying to break-dance without the rest of your body.

-Another way to stretch your budget and the pickle juice but still get the benefit is to pour the juice from a bottle of pickles into a different container and add about 2/3 of that amount again in white vinegar.

-Then pour it back onto the pickles to keep them fresh and use as described above. You will probably have to use two jars, as you will have extra juice now.

-Vinegar is the base of pickle juice anyway and will make it tarter to the taste, but for me it is a matter of how badly I don’t want the muscle cramping as opposed to the taste of the cure!

E. Relieve Aching Feet

Many times our feet hurt for a myriad of reasons, but the worst I think is when my feet ache so bad from being on them all day (or the opposite of lack of exercise at all) that I even head to bed early just to rest them many times.


1) Tiger balm-rub the soles and sides of your feet (include the top and even the ankle and heel if they hurt) with a small amount of tiger balm and put socks on to keep the heat in or your feet will feel cold and clammy which could make them hurt more instead.

2) Stack up some pillows on the end of the bed and lie on your back with the pillows under your knees and calves/ankles/feet.

-This helps for relieving swelling in the feet and lower legs as well as the fluid will find its way back to your pelvic area with gravity.

-You can also lie on your stomach, bend your knees and bring your legs up and rest your shins against the pillows so your feet are in the air yet supported so you are not having to use strength to keep them there.

3) Someone I used to know showed me how to relieve foot aches and pains with a frozen bottle of water!

-It relieves pain and strain while cooling off your entire body as well.

-Freeze a pop bottle (or any kind but the 600-750ml size are a good size) filled almost all the way with water.

-Take it out of the freezer, sit in a chair and put the bottle on its side, sideways on the floor while rolling your foot over it gently back and forth.

-This can be done for up to 20 minutes at a time for each foot and several times a day as needed.

-This technique also works wonderfully for neck aches, headaches, back strain, etc.

-I usually buy a 1 or 2 kg bag of frozen corn and wrap a towel around the bag before placing it on my skin as a cold pack for up to 20 minutes several times a day.

-Get the cheapest bag, as you won’t be eating it anyway and toss it back in the freezer after each use.

-Reuse several times by gently banging the bag against a counter or the floor so it easily molds to the area you are applying it to (or break up the contents in the bag with your hands but don’t open the bag).

It is my sincere wish that many people will find quick, cheap/free and simple relief to the many aches and pains we all encounter at some point in our lives from this info. Please send me a message via my website contact page form and let me know how this info has helped you and if you have any more tips that you would like to share with everyone else as well! Have an awesome day, make YOUR life what YOU WANT IT TO BE and NEVER GIVE UP!

Andy B. ;)

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