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Learn DIY methods/hacks to promote&monetize current/future music, increase fanbase/audience reach/revenue, reduce time/effort/expenses and set yourself free! *Small Business/Entrepreneurs: Pivot your marketing to increase customers/revenue, reduce expenses/time spent by creating/maintaining simpler methods. *Condensed, complete DIY courses with tips/methods to setup/automate using free/cheap apps/services to simplify YOUR work&life!

Find Your Customer So They Can Find YOU!

Shoulda, coulda, woulda don't fix nothing! The world is online like it or not; so jump in and SHOUT OUT where you are and what you sell/provide, as someone somewhere needs what you offer but can't find you just like you can't find them! Pivot your promoting to grow your customers/income and save money/time/effort as you create/maintain redirected marketing methods. Condensed, complete DIY course with tips/methods to setup/automate using free/cheap apps/services to simplify YOUR work/life!

Make Your Music Money To Your Ears!

Learn DIY Methods/Tips to Promote and Monetize Your Music, Online and Offline; with methods and little known hacks that many self-promoting artists/musicians use to find/increase your target market/audience reach/revenue/fanbase&more. Find how to monetize your past/current/future single/album releases efficiently in order to reduce your time/effort/expenses, and freeing you to do what you love most: making music! Condensed yet comprehensive course with step by step instructions on how to setup/automate your promotions using free/cheap apps/services to cut the repetitive posting on your media and more!

All topics and more are detailed in my eBooks and downloadable in almost any format at Smashwords!

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More coming in Original Music, and maybe a cat video or a few jokes too?!