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Amazon.com has a most extensive website that offers speedy (and even free) delivery of everything you can think of in any category both new and used. They have country specific websites so make sure you are in the proper one so items are shipped easily and quickly to you. They offer a huge selection of products and services from music to household items to books to videos to business help and more so check the site and get shopping! The convenience of being able to shop when you want and how you want from the comfort of your home or while you commute to/from anywhere without needing to be fully dressed, spend gas, time, effort, wrestle with kids, people, vehicles or endure the endless lineup fun really is awesome! (You DO NEED to be fully dressed while commuting though!) PS: all my eBooks are available via their Kindle eBooks.

BadFoodRecall.com is an extremely informative website that gives you the heads up on ALL FOOD RECALLS globally; and it was created about a year and a half ago in Houston, Texas, USA. I live in Canada and when i reviewed the site a few months ago, i found out about 3different food safety recalls due to contaminated shipments of onions, beef and romaine lettuce; all of which i bought and personally eat almost every day! I was very grateful to find this out as some food contamination can literally kill you; but most times will for sure make you sick! I highly recommend that you check out this site often, to keep up to date about any food issues that can spare you or your family's digestive systems and maybe even time off work! There are quite a few resources on the site also.

Couchsurfing is a great cultural exchange and an enjoyable way to meet new people. A free service worldwide to find FREE places to stay (always a place to sleep and maybe more depending on hosts) usually short term from one night to a week and you can view hosts in any city/country, plan a public trip so that hosts can offer to host you when you will be in their area among other services. There are reviews from both hosts and surfers to offer extra advice or hints about the people and places and they have a verified service for a fee as well as pictures and some personal info must be posted on both host and surfer profiles. It can be a fabulous way to budget travel and have actual real life experiences, not one in a resort behind a fence meant more to keep you and your money inside! I have met some wonderful people while Couchsurfing in Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada; but as with all things, be brave not stupid, and keep your 'wits' about you as you are in a stranger's home after all!

Cryptocoinsociety.com is a website written by an expert in the field who was a doctor before that out of New York, USA, and is VERY informative for understanding the basics of what crypto currency is, where it came from, how it developed and ways is it used currently. The owner reached out to me about a year and a half ago and sadly it has taken me this long to get a review and link posted to my website; but in the interim i found that many friends and acquaintances around the world have started dealing and trading in various forms of crypto currency also; so i am passing on this information and a link to his site for those who want to at least have a basic understanding, even if they do not use it currently. As a disclosure: there are a few spots on his site that have bits of code that don't seem to work; so there are a few places you will see "00" before and after a word making it look as if it is not spelled right, but you can quickly and clearly see the actual word in the middle. It is not really hard to understand how such things happen when/if you have any knowledge of websites and their issues of doing what they want sometimes also! :) 


Digicel is a fabulous cell provider in Jamaica and much of the Caribbean, Asia and Central America. For short term (and visitors) there are daily, weekly and monthly plans for data and phone calls. Buy a SIM card for $600jam (about $6.50 CDN) for your current cell and keep your usual SIM card to swap out on returning home. If you return or go to any country that has Digicel within 3 months just call in and restart the same phone number (or different number if in a different county) without hassle. If you are a frequent traveller keep a small amount of money in your prepaid account and put it on a pay-as-you-go status to keep your number active with only a minor monthly fee. Top up your friends/family's Digicel balance in over 32 countries without needing a Digicel plan yourself and they get DOUBLE THE CREDIT of minutes or data when done online from any other country (such as the US or Canada). There are many stores that have a red card in the window with the Digicel name/logo where you can top up your or other people's balances worldwide, but it is faster and easier to do online. The $2.95/minute (Jamaican dollars) prepaid calling plan ($0.03/min CDN) for ALL calls to local, US, Canada and UK cells and landlines is awesome as well! This does NOT include toll free numbers so dial direct when using your Digicel cell or it will cost $18.95/minute in Jamaican dollars ($0.19/min CDN) for all toll-free number calls. They have excellent coverage over most all of Jamaica and my SIM and number worked in the US and Canada as well (WiFi only)! Costs differ for texts and calls to numbers with other local providers, so learn who your friend's providers are or refer them to switch to Digicel to save money all around! *In December, 2019 the best option in Jamaica was for 6 GIG NUFF NUFF DATA 28 Day Plan for $2800(jam). Add-on the NUFF NUFF TALK 7 day Plan at $350(jam)/week (x4=$1400jam/28 days) which includes: UNLIMITED local 24/7 Digicel calling, UNLIMITED 24/7 calling to the US, Canada and the UK; UNLIMITED FREE Data for Facebook App usage (basic), UNLIMITED FREE Data for WhatsApp USAGE, as well as UNLIMITED global texting! ALL this for $4200jam (about $42.00CDN/month) plus 13% tax every month; which is less than I pay and get use of in Canada! You can find these plans using the *137# feature on your phone under the 'options'.

DollarTree has FREE Shipping to Your Local Store when you shop on their website! This a great store with a massive selection of national and local brand products all for $1 or less at over 5,000 locations! They are in Canada as well with a price point of $1.25 or less for all items, with delivery options in both the US and Canada (make sure you are on the right country specific website)! Skip the parking, kids, carts and long lines at the store and still get exactly what you want at an excellent price! Load up early on school supplies, stocking stuffers for Christmas, decorations for every holiday and/or type of party you can imagine, household products, dry packaged food, drinks of all kinds, health/beauty products, office and paper supplies, art/craft supplies and more; without leaving your sofa! You can't beat the price and the only downside is there are not enough locations (in my opinion)...yet!

FlixBus is a European bus company that aims for 'green' travel while connecting 900 cities in 20 European countries via awesome coach-type buses of their own; and link with most local route European bus companies to provide a very comfortable touring experience without the headaches of driving! I travelled on several of their buses while in Europe in 2016 and absolutely loved the extra legroom, free WiFi, power outlets, and they also allow up to 3 pieces of baggage at no extra cost! Trips start as low as $5 EUROS and you don't need to book in advance like some companies require for the savings! I booked my first trip with them only about 2 hours before boarding the bus and still it was the best deal and service around! The drivers are knowledgeable and friendly, the buses are modern and clean, and the site is extremely quick and easy to use.

Google is a massive company and resource for all things business and personal when it comes to being on the web in any way. From a personal account page, YouTube, Gmail, Google My Business, Webmaster Tools and more this company is THE site for all things web. It has the ultimate search tool for almost any topic you can think of including pictures and maps both in satellite and real-time street views of almost every inch of earth! Google Flights helps you to find, pick and link to buy the best/cheapest tickets for all destinations, Google AdWords and AdSense are possible advertising channels for your business with SEO help; and tons of resources for businesses to analyze, maintain and fix their own sites and related issues free of charge. A superb quick 'find what you need now' search page regardless of where you are or what you need worldwide that has saved my butt numerous times! There is also an awesome Google Translate page (and now APP), that can change almost any language from one to another; but bear in mind that the flow of the sentences is sometimes not the best after translating to different languages. Used for good, Google can be the best friend and advisor you ever had!

HubSpot is an excellent company that I have used a few times so far for their free website checkup! Enter your URL and a report is almost instantly generated and covers topics such as security, pictures, text, scripting, loading times, and all other such errors that can happen on a site without you even realizing it is happening. This is very valuable as if people can’t reach your site, it doesn’t load or has links that go nowhere, they may not use your service as it can be an indication that you are not quite as professional as you had hoped to at least appear! I found a few typing errors while revising this a few weeks after the initial posting; so I proved my own point here I guess in that even spelling errors can trip up your best intent to impress! They also have some free marketing, sales and CRM tips and analytical testing for your site as well as a host of other paid services for all things internet, business and marketing.

iPage Web Hosting plan only $1.99 per month!  Its an easy to use and inexpensive company where you can create and buy domain (URL) names, create websites and have them hosted, and various other helpful business options to make your business/online presence as large and out there as you want it to be! The customer service both in live chat and on the phone, is outstanding at resolving issues the first time and the domain you choose is YOUR property regardless of where your site is hosted (located) which is NOT the norm for domain sites either! The price for the first year of a domain name is only $8.99 US and it can also be 'parked' with them and directed to a different website creation/host service if need be. Don't forget that ALL info you enter about any website when creating or updating it is viewable by the PUBLIC as well.

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